Isabelle's Bad Opsec
Isabelle has some really bad opsec! She left some code up on a repo that definitely shouldnt be public. Find the naughty code and claim your prize.
Finishing the warmup OSINT chal will really help with this chal
The first two characters of the internal of this flag are 'c0', it may not be plaintext Additionally, the flag format may not be standard capitalization. Please be aware
Made By: Thomas
The challenge description tells us that Isabelle has left some code up on a public repo. Thus, we can infer that we have to search Github for her account. Based on her tweets found previously, she mentions "mimidogz".
Searching "mimidogz" on Github, we find a "mimidogz" project on Github, with the user "IsabelleOnSecurity".
Looking at the commits, we see that there has been a change to the DRIVER_CODE which seems to be in Base64 format.
Using an online Base64 decoder, we find the flag.
Flag: uiuctf{[email protected]!}
Last modified 1yr ago
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